Socialist strategy on tax and tax evasion

The tax system of the UK is blatantly biased in favour of the wealthy and those who live off dividends and against wage earners. How can the biases be reversed? How can the loopholes used by the wealthy be blocked? Here are slides for the series of talks on socialist strategy as a downloadable and Read More

Marx’s Labour Theory of Value

This is an Introduction to a series of videos about Karl Marx’s Theory of Value. FAQ: Read moreFirst MTT PodcastQ: Karl Marx? I thought he was a has-been. A: Forget everything you thought you knew. It’s time for some fresh air. Read moreThe role of computerisation in planned economiesQ: What the hell is value? A: Read More

Socialist Economic Planning and Algorithms

The lecture addressed the debates on the socialist calculation and the advances that have occurred due to Kantorovich versus von Mises. limitations were observed in the Kantorovich planning method and how they can be overcome using techniques that were originally developed for research of neural networks. They were also presented two software packages, one of Read More

The role of computerisation in planned economies

Paul Cockshott discussing the role of computerization in planned economies. Based on a talk he gave at a conference in Quito. He explains how improvements in computer technology have improved the possibilities of planned economies. He has a look at wages, taxes, value, and pricing under socialism. Bringing his ideas of political economy and algorithmic Read More