About Marxist Think Tank

We are an international group of Marxist Leninist communists looking at how we can bring Marxist solutions to our current issues in the world. We look at using new technology and systems that were not previously available.

The Marxist Think Tank goal is to be utilized to aid in the praxis of Marxist-Leninist ideas and to be put into action where material conditions are ripe. To integrate the use of online communication with the political practice of actual parties seeking power.

To solve problems and innovate strategic communication operations online and elsewhere.

To create propaganda for strategic communication operations and to create theory for strategic communication operations for use by propaganda. Together creating a debate mapping site or use sites like Kialo.com or Argumen.org to map debates. These are useful as a resource for those creating chatbots for social media, to show people an overview of the problems/teach and  various other utilities.


  • to include the creation of intellectual property that is accessible through a shared IP library including open source, copyleft, and copyright exclusive IP.
  • launch co-ops
  • organising in social and political groups internationally
  • applying this theory in action in the real world
  • etc

• Managed by and apply cybernetic concepts wherever applicable and beneficial to the group.
◦ Utilize the ideas of Paul Cockshott and Stafford Beer in doing this.
• Use TRIZ, ARIZ, and any other useful variation of tools that can be utilized to efficiently and effectively solve problems and innovate.
◦ Train or provide training materials in order to help people optimize their efforts and participate in this aspect of collaboration.
• As a multidisciplinary gathering place open to all that care to contribute.
◦ Possibly Wiki-based or more generally as an open collaboration project.
◦ Train and/or provide training in order to optimize the contributions of people coming to us from various levels of education, training, and experience.
▪ Retain engagement by helping others gain practical skills that serve as a net gain for both the group and the individual.
▪ Help establish a party-line.


Editorial Policy

  • Will be Marxist Leninist based
  • No Identity Politics
  • Ideally, content and data will be drawn from ML sources and analysis.
  • If a source of data and analysis is good, even if from a reactionary bourgeoise source, it can be used for our revolutionary purposes.

Our Current Constitution

Available here


  • We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • You do not need to be in a political party.
  • You do not need to be politically experienced.
  • You do need to be willing to learn basic Marxist Leninist theory and to work in a ML framework.
  • This will also require leaving aside any current attachments to bourgeoise identity politics.