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Edward Duncan Did you enjoy the way Donald Trump tried to make China the scapegoat for the spectacular failure of the USA’s privatised health system to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic? I certainly did! According to a desperate Trump, China deliberately understated the seriousness of the outbreak in Wuhan, apparently in order to keep Read More

Photo by Jessica Bryant from Pexels

Housing for the people

George Edwards American author Laura Gottesdiener has posed a question that is at the heart of campaigns for public housing being waged in various countries today (including the USA) as banks buy up more and more housing stock: “Can a society truly be a democracy if housing is not considered a right?” Read moreThe role Read More

The end of the dream for the US Century

Edward Duncan When US imperialism succeeded in overthrowing Socialism in the USSR, its pundits crowed that it was “the end of history”. There could be no further changes in the nature of society: capitalism was clearly the ultimate end of social development. Read moreThe role of computerisation in planned economiesAlas for such rose-coloured fantasies: they Read More