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Socialist Calculation Machines and Algorithms

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Big Data

Big Data and Super-Computers: foundations of Cyber Communism

I shall be elaborating on the following theses: The inability of 20th century socialism to progress to communism led to the crisis of theUSSR. Communism requires a definite stage of development of technology. This stage was only reached at the very end of the 20th century. But this problem of technical adequacy can not be Read More

Socialist Green New Deal

Proposal for collaborative project to work on green 5 year plan

Paul Cockshott 28 Nov 19 Read moreFirst MTT PodcastIn early November I was presenting a talk on planning algorithms to the Historical materialism conference in London. A major theme of the conference was historical materialism in the context of the climate crisis. One thing that struck me at the meeting was that people seem to Read More

Input-output or Harmony planning

Date: May 14, 2019Author: Paul Cockshott In corresponding with readers it has become clear that in TNS we did not perhaps do a good enough job of explaining the relative roles of input-output techniques and the Harmony planning technique which we proposed. The input-output method is defined in terms of flows. If you look at Read More

Socialist Economic Planning and Algorithms

The lecture addressed the debates on the socialist calculation and the advances that have occurred due to Kantorovich versus von Mises. limitations were observed in the Kantorovich planning method and how they can be overcome using techniques that were originally developed for research of neural networks. They were also presented two software packages, one of Read More

The role of computerisation in planned economies

Paul Cockshott discussing the role of computerization in planned economies. Based on a talk he gave at a conference in Quito. He explains how improvements in computer technology have improved the possibilities of planned economies. He has a look at wages, taxes, value, and pricing under socialism. Bringing his ideas of political economy and algorithmic Read More