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Historical materialism and the repudiation of subjectivism

Date: May 4, 2020Author: Paul Cockshott This is not a new post but a corrected transcript of a talk given by me, as one of the Worker’s Party of Scotland representatives to the Open Polemic Conference about 25 years ago. Open Polemic was a journal that was formed in the wake of the Soviet collapse Read More

Materialism and delayed choice quantum eraser experiments

Date: July 25, 2018Author: Paul Cockshott I have been producing a series of videos explaining materialism. Most of these have been accepted without controversy, but predictably enough, the last one, which was on quantum phenomena and materialism raised a number of critical comments. Read moreThe role of computerisation in planned economiesThe gist of my argument Read More

Critique of Althusser : 2.1 Definition of ideology

Paul Cockshott July 6, 2019 Introduction Read moreCritique of Althusser’s Theory of Ideology Part 1This is the second part of my critique of Althusser’s theory of ideology. It is a bit more technical than the last since Althusser gives a very abstruse definition of ideology and it needs a fair bit of formal and pictorial Read More

Critique of Althusser’s Theory of Ideology Part 1

Date: July 4, 2019Author: Paul Cockshott 1 Introduction Louis Althusser is a controversial figure: murderer, one time communist philosopher, massive guru to generations of cultural studies authors. His key paper on ideology[2] has, according to Google Scholar, been cited over thirteen thousand times1. Read moreCritique of Althusser : 2.1 Definition of ideologyHe is clearly a Read More