On the revolutionary road with Dust James

This week we talk about all things working class America with Dust James. Unions, trump supporters, and Tesla automating semi trucks all come up in this conversation.Check out Dust James on youtube as well, MTT Youtube channel: Don’t forget to support us on…OCX7pNZcQT6j2_BM4Or you can buy us a coffee To submit a news …

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The US Crisis

Date: June 18, 2020Author: Paul Cockshott Back in 2010 the materialist historian Turchin predicted in an article in Nature that 2020 would see a major outbreak of social disorder in the USA. His work distinguished between the long term stress that a society experiences and short term triggers. The long term stress predisposes a state …

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Ship sailing away

Whose Rights?

Date: August 20th, 2020Author: Rob Gowland As you have no doubt noticed, American leaders are fond of proclaiming their devotion to “human rights”. They have to say “human rights” because if they called them “democratic rights” – as they should – it would raise too many awkward questions. Questions like, if the US is such …

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New World Order

Did you see that bitter warning by Hilary Clinton to the American people to make sure that they reject Donald Trump by a very substantial margin because “otherwise you can get three million more votes than him and still lose the election”? She speaks from experience of course, but hers was not the first US …

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