The Dialectics of Dependency

by Ruy Mauro Marini Below we present Jorge M’s English translation of Ruy Mauro Marini’s Dialectics of Dependency, an important work in Latin American Marxism and overall theories of imperialism. Also included is a Postscript by Marini reflecting on the work and its arguments.  In their analysis of Latin American dependency, Marxist researchers have generally […]

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Iranian protesters burning US flag

The end of the dream for the US Century

Edward Duncan13th April 2020 When US imperialism succeeded in overthrowing Socialism in the USSR, its pundits crowed that it was “the end of history”. There could be no further changes in the nature of society: capitalism was clearly the ultimate end of social development. Alas for such rose-coloured fantasies: they lasted only long enough for

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Ship sailing away

Whose Rights?

Date: August 20th, 2020Author: Rob Gowland As you have no doubt noticed, American leaders are fond of proclaiming their devotion to “human rights”. They have to say “human rights” because if they called them “democratic rights” – as they should – it would raise too many awkward questions. Questions like, if the US is such

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Berlin Entering Soviet Sector Sign

The New Cold War

Date: 20th August, 2020Author: Rob Gowland Or perhaps the heading should more correctly be “The Renewed Cold War”, for the original Cold War against the USSR never really ended. How could it? After all, it was simply a manifestation of the class war between capital and labour, between bosses and workers. And that won’t end

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New World Order

Did you see that bitter warning by Hilary Clinton to the American people to make sure that they reject Donald Trump by a very substantial margin because “otherwise you can get three million more votes than him and still lose the election”? She speaks from experience of course, but hers was not the first US

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