Why labour theory of value is right

Why labour theory of value is right

Version without the muffled initial announcements. Explains the empirical evidence for the labour theory of value. Also worth looking at this video:

Anwar Shaikh — Empirical evidence on the Ricardian/Smithian Labour Theory of Value (price)
Reply on the labour theory of value
Unproductive Labour
Trades unions and migration
Anwar Shaikh’s regulating capitals

A relatively technical video on the theory of the rate of profit, dealing with what Anwar Shaikh has said about it in his textbook on Capitalism.

Steampunk Marxism

This shows how Marx follows Newton’s method in uncovering what he called the Laws of Motion of capitalism.

Again on Indian productivity

Continuing my polemic with the neo-Proudhonians. Refutes empirical objections to my previous video on the so called unequal exchange.

Meet Mr Mittal

This is a further video responding to viewers comments about the steel industries in India and the USA

Intense and Complex Labour

What is the difference between complex labour and intense labour in the Marxian theory of value? A short video to explain it.

Calculating the Rate of Profit

Some comments on how to calculate the rate of profit. Produced in response to questions from Helmut Dunkase translator of How the World Works to German.